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How it Works

We predominantly follow two variants of software development procedural ways:

• SDLC(Software/System Development Life Cycle)

• Agile SCRUM

The development procedural ways are decided in accordance to the requirement of the system to be constructed and focusing towards the priorities.

What we do?

Within the SDLC bracket there are variant approaches we follow depending upon the system to be constructed like Waterfall model, Incremental model, V-model etc.

The fundamentals of our approaches being(SDLC):

• Requirement gathering and analysis– Business requirements are jotted down in this phase. The main actors in this phase are the project managers and the managers/stakeholders or the users. General questions regarding the system construction procedures are answered.

– Finally, a conclusive Requirement Specification document is created which becomes a basic guideline book for the further procedures.

• Design- A basic architecture of the system is prepared keeping the Requirement Specification in mind.

• Implementation or coding-This is the most important phase, where we focus the most. Here we carefully divide the project/designs into different work modules as per requirement and our developer team produces the code following different optimization mechanisms and code enhancing procedures to improve the code quality

• Testing-During this phase unit testing, integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing are done. The code is tested against the requirements.

• Deployment-After the successful conduct of testing, the product is deployed/delivered to our customers for their use.

• Maintenance-Post deployment further care is taken to ensure the system is at its best at any point of time.

Within the Agile bracket we follow an iterative procedure known as Scrum.

• We strictly follow the professional Scrum procedural ways, ie; the actors are clearly described in our team from a Scrum Master to a Scrum Team where each one us follow the vision of the Product Owner.

– Initially, the product owner creates a product backlog, where at times the Scrum Master(Project Manager) enters into the discussion with Product Owner.

– Then, the Scrum comes into action which is created by our Project Manager and the tasks are divided into sprints, then conclusive sprint Backlogs are created.

– The developers are assigned to the sprints and finally the Scrum Team is introduced.

• We conduct appropriate sprint meetings before the start of each sprint and each module is discussed broadly after its completion with our clients, minimizing the glitches on the final outcome of the product.

– To understand each development sprints, professional burn down charts are prepared.

– And adequate testing is carried everyday or end of each sprints as decided by the project manager in accordance to the need of the hour.

– The Project Manager keeps the Product Owner posted regarding each sprint updates and finally the product is deployed.

• Based on the Agile SCRUM practice, we follow:

– Iterative, incremental process

– Team-based approach

– developing systems/ products with rapidly changing requirements

– Controls the chaos of conflicting interest and needs

– Improve communication and maximize cooperation

– Protecting the team form disruptions and impediments

– A way to maximize productivity

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